Time to Vote!

I started a contest to make a difficult situation fun during what I affectionately named The Great Cellulitis Case of 2012.  Each day a different coworker had the chance to decorate my 2pm Vancomycin bulb.  It was cute t0 see how people were genuinely excited to participate, and it did make a difficult situation fun.  At times, it was downright funny as people became competitive.

Now, it is time to name a winner.  I need your assistance in naming a winner to the contest, so please get your vote on before 11:59pm on 5/15/12.

Lady Face

Wilson w/ Headphones

Piggy Say Oink, Oink

Hello Kitty!

Mister Mackey (View 1)

Mister Mackey (View 2)

Afternoon Delight (View 1)

Afternoon Delight (View 2)


Variety– Limpwrist to Work to …..

~ MM is the greatest; he’s got some mad skills. Chick here to check out this page he created to pimp out Limpwrist.

~ Today, I had my first disappointment with the new job. When I interviewed for the new job I was told that I would have 2 weeks vacation. Now the person I interviewed with, who is also my supervisor, told me she is sorry for the miscommunication. In book it isn’t miscommunication when you flat out tell me something then basically say you didn’t. The lack of vacation time poses a big problem for me since I’m going to the Key West Literary Festival in January, which will have be off Wednesday to Wednesday. Another supervisor told me I could work longer shifts on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday to help with the time loss– it is a nice gesture but when you depend on 40 hours a week it isn’t enough.

~ Check Charles Jensen’s blog today and scroll to his entry 11/20/07. He has a new chapbook with a fabulous cover titled The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon.

~ Paul and I watched the Hairspray remake last night. I prefer the 1988 version— even if that means I lose some gay points. Michelle Pfieffer did an amazing job playing the bitch. Evidence below:

Changing to the Other Side of the Fence

After eight years in retail pharmacy I pursued change and will be embracing it soon. I accepted a full time position with a 29-doctor medical practice in Atlanta. The practice has a position for a pharmacy technician on its clinical staff team. The tech fields calls from patients and pharmacies regarding prescriptions, meets with drug reps, stocks the sample closet, and assists the clinical staff in others if desired/as needed. With 29 doctors I have a feeling I will be quite busy with the calls regarding refills!

I was extremely nervous about my interview because it has been years since I’ve had to interview for a position. I guess I shouldn’t have been nervous because it was a slam dunk. The interviewer told me that I impressed her with my medication knowledge and professional demeanor. (Yay for compliments!) But even so, I have already started studying the area this practices specializes in.

This position is all around better from what I am currently doing. I will have better hours. I’m maxed out at my current job at barely-decent pay rate, and I’m going to start out at a much better rate with room for raises at the new job. Also, there is no more worrying about if I’ll be working holidays as the office is closed for 9 holidays throughout the year. Oh yes, this is going to be good for me.

I am not abandoning retail pharmacy all together. I plan to work a weekend or two each month. The extra money from the weekends will be good for me, and it will keep my drug knowledge up to date.

Work & "Marriage Song"

Work was tiring today. I didn’t have my usual patience for the common misconceptions people have about pharmacy– the biggest one being: pharmacy staffs should give people refills even if a prescription is expired or out of refills. God forbid if your pharmacy staff politely points out that you’ve had a whole a month to contact your doctor for refills, which would be more efficient than waiting until the day you need the medication to ask you pharmacy staff to contact the doctor and yell at the staff because your doctor didn’t respond within your time line.

Ok. Enough of that and more of Beth Gylys, the Poet of the Month for May.


Some have affairs. They never stop to think
until they’re begging for a second chance.
(We love and learn we sometimes need a drink.)

Impatient with his life, he quipped, “We blink,
we’re forty: with wives, kids, retirement plans.”
Some have affairs. It isn’t what they think.

He saw this woman at the skating rink,
watching their sons play hockey from the stands.
He fought the urge to ask her for a drink.

She wore those stretchy pants, a long faux mink
slid next to him and said, “Hi, my name’s Nance.”
He wanted her right there. He couldn’t think.

They fucked in hotel rooms, designer pink,
drank cheap champagne. He signed her underpants.
They fucked and ordered something else to drink.

His wife broke all the dishes in the sink,
took both the kids and flew first class to France.
Some have affairs–it’s never what they think.
We sigh and shake our heads. We have a drink.

~Beth Gylys
from BODIES THAT HUM, Silverfish Review Press