ToasterMag ~ The Last Issue

Megan Volpert, Montgomery Maxton, Jessica Hand,
Kate Evans, & Dustin Brookshire

ToasterMag… Volume 2, Issue 6 to Come

The last issue of ToasterMag will be updated in a few weeks. I’m still disappointed that it is coming to an end, but it’s like Jessica Tandy’s character in FRIED GREEN TOMATOES says, “God doesn’t close a door without opening a window.”

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read the work of Beth Gylys and Theresa Davis; both are featured in the Freehand Department in Volume 2, Issue 5. Reading their poems is time well spent!

I am excited to announce that the last issue will contain work by Kate Evans, Jessica Hand, Montgomery Maxton, Megan Volpert, and of course, yours truly. The last issue is going to be fierce from the poetry stand point.

E-zine? and Baby Jesus Likes Top Speed

Praise be to baby Jesus— I am off today. Yes, that’s the same baby Jesus who made top speed (see The Contender to understand the reference).

Since receiving the news that ToasterMag will be ending after the next issue, I have been tossing around the idea of starting a bimonthly or quarterly e-zine. For the few months I’ve worked with ToasterMag, I have enjoyed myself even though it’s been a decent amount of work reading through submissions. But, to be honest, I don’t know the ins and outs of starting and maintaining an e-zine. Advice anyone? Feel free to post it or email me.

and for baby Jesus, one last Gylys poem:


“Do you believe in Jesus Christ our Lord?”
An old, balding man was in my face.
He wasn’t someone who could be ignored.

I thought he’d go away if I looked bored.
I rolled my eyes and yawned. He kept his place.”
Do you believe in Jesus Christ our Lord?”

“I’m Jewish, give it up,” I moved toward
the street, but then my heel caught on some ice.
I fell. “You see, He mustn’t be ignored.”

This guy, I thought, is someone for the ward.
But I was at his feet. “It must be grace,”
he said, held out his hand. “You know the Lord

can work in wondrous ways.” He’d struck a chord:
my days in Catholic school, a veil of lace,
these words a priest once said, that I’d ignored:

“He’ll come to you, carrying a sword.
And Beth, how will you meet him face to face?”
My bus pulled up just then, thank the Lord,
rescuing me from questions I’d ignored.

~ Beth Gylys
from BODIES THAT HUM, Silverfish Review Press

Bad News But More Beth Gylys

Today, I received an email from ToasterMag’s editor that he has decided to put ToasterMag on hold. The next issue, the Pride issue, will be the last. Disappointment. I’m feeling loads of disappointment. As I read his lengthy email I understand why he doing what he is doing, and it isn’t the end– just the end of a monthly ezine. At some point there will be something down the road, but I can’t really find comfort in that. I’ve been working hard on developing the creative writing portion of ToasterMag. My latest project was starting an annual contest for ToasterMag— it was all set to happen, and the talented and freaking awesome poet, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, was going to be the judge. The editor offered to make special provisions for the contest to still happen because he knows how much of my heart I had already poured in, but I don’t think I’ll take him up on it—– it wouldn’t be the same. Oh well, time to find a different way to burn some of my energy.

Now some happiness…..


Your desktop PC is well-equipped to handle
every disaster from spilled coffee to a power surge,
which is only one reason I don’t understand
how you can just stand there,
puzzling at the toes of your Reeboks,
as if you might think of an apology for yourself
or your lack of courteous love-making practices,
such as kissing me on the neck,
for instance, or taking off your tube socks,
which, after all, usually have holes, and anyway,
you told me you didn’t believe in all that shit
about mutuality of marriage, so at least you could stop
curling your lip like a frazzled Doberman
and fuck like you want to fuck
or leave like you’re never coming back.

~ Beth Gylys
from BODIES THAT HUM, Silverfish Review Press

ToasterMag, Bud, & Disposing Meds

~ After a bit of work on the topic, I can now announce that ToasterMag will have its first poetry contest this year! Want to know the contest name? Want to the know the name of the judge? Well, I will say the name has roots in poetry, and the judge is a very distinguished poet. If you want more than that you’ll have to check out ToasterMag in mid June.

~ Today, Paul and I went for a walk with Daisy. (Daisy will get her own post at a later date explaining her identity.) As we walked in the apartment complex, returning from our walk, a young guy asks, “Do you know where I can buy any bud?” I replied, “At the BP across from the complex,” thinking the guy must have been slow– almost every gas station I’ve been stocks beer. Then the guy looks at me like I’m slow and says, “Some green.” At this point I do feel stupid, well maybe more naive, and Paul quickly responds “We’re not into that sort of thing.” The guy apologized and walked off. I wanted to tag on, “Yeah, we’ve actually never done any illegal drunks or abused prescription drugs, but I can drink like Tammy Faye puts on make-up.” But I doubt he’d be impressed with not liking the drugs… oh well, I guess D.A.R.E. didn’t reached him.

~ A friendly tip from a pharmacy guy: If you ever have to dispose of medication don’t flush it. Not good. Not good at all. Dissolve the tablets in water or another liquid. Poor the dissolved tablets in cat litter, coffee grounds, or some other item from your kitchen. (If you have a liquid medication skip the dissolving part and follow instructions.) Then seal the contents in a bag and drop in the nearest trashcan.

ToasterMag: Volume 2, Issue 5

Featured in ToasterMag’s FREEHAND department in Volume 2, Issue 5 are Beth Gylys & Theresa Davis. (Click the graphic to read their work.)

Beth Gylys– There is so much to say about Beth Gylys that I could write a book. Instead of writing that book I’ll simply say she’s an amazing and talented professo and one hell of a poet– I say these both from first hand experience. I always keep her book BODIES THAT HUM near by when I write; I can always find inspiration in her words. FREEHAND is featuring two of her poems that will appear in her new chapbook LITTLE MATCHBOOK.

Theresa Davis– Or as I should say Theresa “Fucking” Davis. She’s a teacher, poet, and activist. Whenever anyone mentions slam/spoken word style poetry, I always say, “I never enjoyed slam poetry until Theresa Davis.” Each time Theresa takes the stages she rocks it out– she’s my rockstar. The poem included in FREEHAND is a personal favorite of mine, and I am glad Theresa said yes when I asked to publish it.

Poem to Read & ToasterMag Reminder

~ Check out Montgomery Maxton’s poem “Hotel Fire.” MM has a pretty snazzy blog too.

~ If you haven’t already, please take some time to check out the April issue of ToasterMag before the May issue is updated.

~ Rented THE QUEEN last night. Netflix it…. go to Blockbuster… view the movie some how— Helen Mirren’s performance is worth it!