NARCISSUS ~ Cecilia Woloch

OK. I’m not usually one to say you must buy this or that; however, I have three items that I say are a must buy. I’ll share one of the three today, and you’ll have to read tomorrow to find out another.

The first item is Cecilia Woloch’s award-winning chapbook Narcissus. Four of the poems in Narcissus are published in Limp Wrist. I’m stoked that LW will receive a mention in Cecilia’s award-winning chapbook.

Cecilia is a beautiful person (inside and out) and a talented writer. I’ve participated in two workshops she’s lead, and I owe her huge credits for shaping one of my favorite poems that I’ve written– not to mention she turned me on to Kim Addonizio. I’ve heard her read numerous times, and she has never failed to amaze me. (Cecilia– I can’t wait to read your “vices poem” in print or in LW, if the Gods will smile on me!) I own all three of Cecilia’s full length books; each book makes me admire her intellect and craft in so many different ways.

She was gracious enough, even though she’s swamped, to participate in my WHY DO I WRITE series! !

So yes, you must buy Narcissus… click here!


"Why Do I Write" ~ Cecilia Woloch

Why Do I Write ~ Cecilia Woloch

Such an interesting and impossible question! My first impulse is to steal an answer Samuel Beckett (I think) gave to this question: “Because I can’t help myself.” My second impulse is to say that I began to write, I think, from sheer love of language, of the sounds and images words can create, and from intoxication with the music of language and how the inner life could be made manifest — or almost — in words. These days I’m writing more prose, and there’s a strong impulse to communicate with others,
to tell stories that might not otherwise be told.

Cecilia Woloch Shares Advice

A week or so ago, there was a meme circulating around the blogosphere; bloggers who were tagged had to post advice for new writers. This meme caught my interest, so I thought I would ask a couple of established poets to share advice for new writers and let me share it via my blog. The wonderful and sexy Cecilia Woloch was kind enough to share.

After reading Cecilia’s advice you will find her biographical information (which was taken from Cecilia’s website). Please, please, take a few minutes to view Cecilia’s website. Make a point to read the poems on her website. Her brilliant poem “Burning the Doll,” which happens to be one of my top ten favorite poems, is on her webpage!

1). Read voraciously — the best contemporary poetry, but also reach back
into poetry’s traditions (all the way to Sappho, at least!) and read poetry in
translation from other cultures and traditions.

2). Don’t be in a rush to publish. You may only end up publishing things
you’ll later regret having published, or the (almost inevitable) rejections may
interfere with your relationship to your work. Give the work time to
develop, and learn to think of the work as its own reward, and not to worry too
much about “validation” from the world.

3). Do find a supportive community of poets, a workshop or just a few
friends whose opinions and goodwill you trust, people who will challenge and
stimulate you as a poet. But don’t let the judgements of others quash what may
be most original in your work — a danger of workshops.

4). Lead an interesting life, care deeply, don’t be afraid.

CECILIA WOLOCH was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up there and in rural Kentucky, one of seven children of a homemaker and an airplane mechanic. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University L.A. in 1999.

Her books of poems are Sacrifice (Cahuenga Press, 1997), a BookSense 76 selection in 2001; Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem (Cahuenga Press, 2002); and Late (BOA Editions, 2003) for which she was named Georgia Author of the Year in Poetry in 2004. A chapbook manuscript, “Narcissus,” was chosen winner of the Tupelo Press Snowbound Competition and will be published in 2007.

She is the founding director of Summer Poetry in Idyllwild and of The Paris Poetry Workshop, and is currently a lecturer in the creative writing program at the University of Southern California as well as a member of the core faculty of the low-residency MFA Program in Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University.

Poets & the 2007 AIDS Walk

The 2007 AIDS Walk in Atlanta is approaching in five days, and I am excited to be participating because the walk will benefit twelve organizations, which I will list at the end of the entry. In these last few days I am pumping up my fundraising efforts. You can help out and have the chance to win a lovely prize. A number of established poets were generous, thoughtful, and kind to donate autographed books with the comment, “Thanks for supporting the 2007 AIDS Walk,” for me to use for fundraising efforts.

How it works:
1. Visit Team Truvy’s AIDS Walk page by clicking HERE.

2. Once on the AIDS Walk site, click on “make a donation,” which is located above the “AIDS Walk Atlanta Goal Watch” and “My AIDS Walk Donors.” )You should see a page with a header reading “2007 AIDS Walk Atlanta;” below it will read “Thanks for giving on behalf of Dustin Brookshire.”)

3. Enter the amount you wish to donate. (Remember, all donations are tax deductible.)
Every $5 donation earns you a chance to win an autographed book. A donation $50 earns you 15 chances to win a book by select poets. If you donate $100 you can pick the book you want from the list below!

4. Once you’ve donated drop a line on the blog or send an email to

5. The drawing will occur following the AIDS Walk. Poet Montgomery Maxton will create a Youtube video announcing the winners.

Exquisite Politics autographed by Denise Duhamel

Small Gods of Grief autographed by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

the dead alive and busy autographed by Alan Shapiro

Tantalus in Love autographed by Alan Shapiro

Late autographed by Cecilia Woloch

Slow to Burn autographed by Collin Kelley

Sacrifice autographed by Cecilia Woloch

Return of the Prodigals by Kurt Brown

Mille et un sentiments autographed by Denise Duhamel

Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry autographed by Denise Duhamel

Never Before: Poems about First Experiences autographed by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

*Not Pictured* Like All We Love autographed by Kate Evans

(Should be up tomorrow)

Organizations benefited by the AIDS Walk: