Bad News But More Beth Gylys

Today, I received an email from ToasterMag’s editor that he has decided to put ToasterMag on hold. The next issue, the Pride issue, will be the last. Disappointment. I’m feeling loads of disappointment. As I read his lengthy email I understand why he doing what he is doing, and it isn’t the end– just the end of a monthly ezine. At some point there will be something down the road, but I can’t really find comfort in that. I’ve been working hard on developing the creative writing portion of ToasterMag. My latest project was starting an annual contest for ToasterMag— it was all set to happen, and the talented and freaking awesome poet, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, was going to be the judge. The editor offered to make special provisions for the contest to still happen because he knows how much of my heart I had already poured in, but I don’t think I’ll take him up on it—– it wouldn’t be the same. Oh well, time to find a different way to burn some of my energy.

Now some happiness…..


Your desktop PC is well-equipped to handle
every disaster from spilled coffee to a power surge,
which is only one reason I don’t understand
how you can just stand there,
puzzling at the toes of your Reeboks,
as if you might think of an apology for yourself
or your lack of courteous love-making practices,
such as kissing me on the neck,
for instance, or taking off your tube socks,
which, after all, usually have holes, and anyway,
you told me you didn’t believe in all that shit
about mutuality of marriage, so at least you could stop
curling your lip like a frazzled Doberman
and fuck like you want to fuck
or leave like you’re never coming back.

~ Beth Gylys
from BODIES THAT HUM, Silverfish Review Press