Hell To The No, Ms. Mobley

The women FORMERLY known as Judge Barbara Mobley resigned today.  Why would a Dekalb County judge who made around $150,000 a year resign?  Well, Ms. Mobley is floating in a well cooked stew of allegations.  Today, the AJC reports that Mobley has allegedly done everything from use her position to benefit someone behind on child-support to have a state worker access the Georgia Crime Information Center for information not related to a judicial matter to use public funds to make purchases for a church. I think Ms. Mobley forgot that Jesus said to obey the laws of the land unless they interfere with His word.  Maybe she got a call from Jesus authorizing the church purposes.  I could be out of the loop, or I could be thinking about the $3,800 in cell phone bills she racked up in 2008.  I digress! I wish I could tell you that these were all of the allegations made against Ms. Mobley; however, it boils down to the fact that after working eight hours I don’t have the energy to type all the allegations!  Barbara Mobley is one hot mess!  Yes ma’am, indeed!  If these allegations are true, I have one thing to say— HELL TO THE NO, Ms. Mobley, the citizens of Dekalb County deserve better than a trifling judge sitting on the bench.


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