The Flip-Flopping Sen. Balfour & GA Senate Committee Assignments

The GA Senate committee assignments for the 2010-2011 Regular Session of the Georgia General Assembly have been announced.  Click here to visit the Senate’s website and review the assignments.

At the bottom of this post I will list the members of the all important Senate Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee establishes the rules for the orderly procedure and placement of bills on the legislative calendar.

Senator Don Balfour  (pictured to the top left) is back for the 2010-2011 Regular Session.  Why do I say he’s back?  Well, for a brief period Senator Balfour wanted to leave state politics for Congress; however, he changed his mind about Congress AND briefly the State Senate.  Here’s an excerpt from one of Senator Balfour’s press releases from March 2010.

“Being a congressman has been something I thought I wanted to do. Needless to say, when John Linder announced that he was not running for re-election, I jumped at the opportunity to be the new voice of leadership. However, for the past three weeks, I have not been at peace about this decision. I feel this is an appropriate time to let all my supporters know that I will also not be seeking reelection for the 9th district senate seat.”

Flash forward to April 2010 for a press release from Senator Balfour:

“I would like to thank my family, friends, and devoted supporters who reached out to me and encouraged me to continue leading and making a difference in the lives of Georgians by seeking re-election for the 9th District Senate seat. I have spent many nights worrying about the safety of my son in Afghanistan and the future of our country at home. There is still much to be done and I simply cannot continue to make the changes that Americans need from the sidelines. In times like these, what our state needs most is a dedicated, seasoned leader who will stand up for what’s right and put Georgia back on the road to economic recovery and prosperity.”

Here’s to hoping that the Senator Balfour left his flip-flopping nature in 2010!

Rules Committee Officers
Chairman:  Balfour, Don
Vice Chairman:  Hamrick, Bill
Secretary:  Mullis, Jeff
Rules Committee Members
Ex-Officio Members

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