Project Verse… Say What?


Project Verse was one of the single most enjoyable experiences of my life. The concept is totally innovative, in that it’s a contest about producing work, not just dusting off your three ‘best’ poems and sending them off to be judged by someone famous; by the end of the contest, I felt like I had produced a mini manuscript out of blood, sweat and tears– those deadlines popped up real quick, every week!

I loved interacting with the judges and the other competitors, and by the end of the summer, I felt like my writing had taken leaps and bounds, and I’d gained several new and valuable friends. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to sharpen their writing skills and have a great time doing it.
~ Emily Van Duyne, Season 1 Winner

You can’t pay for the kind of nose-to-the-grindstone polishing that your words get from an experience like Project Verse. Thanks to Project Verse, me and my poems were introduced to a wide array of priceless criticism.  Project Verse gave me confidence in my ability to revise, confidence in my ability to turn out drafts in just a few days. I walked away from Project Verse with a dozen new poems, a dozen more in the bullpen — not to mention offers for interviews and queries for publication. I would encourage poets of any skill level to apply for Project Verse.
~W.F. Roby, Season 1 Top 3 Finalist


3 responses to “Project Verse… Say What?

  1. i didn’t find out about it until half way through last year but can’t wait to think about participating this year!

  2. Just wanna throw another huge endorsement behind this deal. Anyone who is even thinking about being involved in this for season two — do it. Hell, you might even fall in love.

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