Happy Birthday, Dolly!

I love Dolly Parton for many reasons — she’s funny, has the voice of angel, writes some damn sad but true songs, and, well, I could continue to make a list.  But, I will say this: I think I love Dolly most of all because she got to where she is today by doing it her way.  In an interview, Dolly once said that Porter Wagoner pulled her aside and told she’d never make it in the business if she kept writing songs about her Tennessee mountain home– she needed to what everyone else was doing.  Dolly didn’t listen.  She followed her heart and passion.
So yeah! Who doesn’t know the name Dolly Parton?


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dolly!

  1. Dolly is absolutely fascinating! I watched her interview on Biography channel and was just blown away by how smart she is on top of the rest of her obvious talent (or talents if you want to go with the girls themselves)

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