Haiti: You CAN Help

How can you help Haiti?

Easy.  Look at the picture above, and follow its instructions like I did this morning.  Texting “YELE” to 501501 will add $5 to your cellphone bill.  If you own a cell, I’m willing to bet you can spare $5.  Seriously. Why couldn’t you?  It is the middle of the month; you probably have at least another 15 or so days before you’ll have to pay your cell bill.  Go without Starbucks for a day.  Have a $1 can of Campbell Soup for lunch instead of ordering out.  It is $5 that will help make a huge difference to country in devastation.  Do it! This program is possible because of Wyclef and his Yele Haiti project.

The American Red Cross has also started a texting campaign to raise money.  Text “Haiti” to 90999 to add $10 to your cell bill.  I had to send the text to 90999— I’d feel guilty otherwise.

I found out last night that a good friend of mine’s boyfriend has been in Haiti since last Friday.  She and her boyfriend volunteer their medical services with a mission group and visit Haiti a couple of times each year.  She was told he wasn’t hurt; she wasn’t able to speak with him, and she doesn’t know anything else.  As you can imagine, she is worried for him, and she’s worried with the patients she cares for.  (She stays in touch with a number of them on a monthly basis.)  After you donate $5, please send positive vibes out for her boyfriend.


One response to “Haiti: You CAN Help

  1. i’ve been having a hard time deciding what or where to donate but i am hearing more and more about Yele and I think it might be the way to go for me!

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