More On Atlanta Mayor Hopeful, Mary Norwood

Norwood having fun while showing her support for the LGBT community at the '09 Atl Pride Festival.

In case you didn’t see it, I wrote a post titled “State Senator Orrock Calls Out Mary Norwood.” (Check out the link if you missed Senator Orrock’s comments, which were taken from one of her Facebook notes.

On 11/25/09, around 1pm, I sent an email with Senator Orrock’s comments and two questions to the Norwood campaign:

  1. What is your response to Senator Orrock’s statement?
  2. More importantly, why did you abstain from voting on such an important issue for Atlanta’s LGBT community?

I received an email from Roman Levit, Norwood’s campaign manager, around 6pm on 11/25/09.  Even with the runoff around the corner o and each candidate is utilizing every second of the day until then, I wasn’t expecting a response from the Norwood campaign on the same day that I sent the email.

Today, I was not able to get back in touch with Mr. Levit.  We went from email to phone conversation.  He gave a thorough reply to the comments made by Senator Orrock.

I am not going into detail about Mr. Levit’s reply; tomorrow, I will have a few minutes for a face to face interview with Mary Norwood to discuss Senator Orrock’s comments.

More to come tomorrow evening!


One response to “More On Atlanta Mayor Hopeful, Mary Norwood

  1. For once, I’m glad to be living OTP. Neithr candidate seems to be terribly gay-friendly, although a bunch of folks I know are on the Norwood bandwagon.

    Did you see the flyer from the two guys who (with their son) supposedly walked up to Kasim Reed in the park and asked what he’d do for them as a family? [I can’t find it now; it was online somewhere…) They say Reed responded (paraphrasing) “Nothing, because it [being gay, I assume] goes against my religion.” If this is true, it’s abominable. I’ve also seen claims that Reed wants to force Bible study into the public school curriculum. (I didn’t know Atlanta was a theocracy. One more reason to take my property tax dollars far, FAR away…)

    On the other hand, there’s this:

    And for good measure, if you want to be really confused, check this out:

    In any case, there’s about a 3-point spread with Reed ahead of Norwood, and I feel they are both likely to say anything to anyone to tip the balance.

    Good times.

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