State Senator Orrock Calls Out Mary Norwood

It started with a Facebook status update on 11/22/09 at 11:05pm:

Nan Grogan Orrock Compare record on GLBT issues of Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood. Norwood walked out on a Council vote to provide domestic partner benefits for Atlanta employees, police & firemen. She had no

explanation for her walk in tonight’s debate. See their records compared in my Note

Then came Senator Orrock’s Facebook note; please note this is only part of the FB notet:

It was March 20, 2006 – before Norwood had time to calculate whether it was in her political best interest be a voice for

the LGBTQ community. Norwood was at the beginning and ending of that council meeting. She voted for the legisl

ation immediately before and immediately following this HISTORIC BILL. But Norwood decided she would chose to NOT VOTE for extending these benefits to Domestic Partners.

Procedurally, if she had a conflict of interest on other legislation, Norwood could have requested that these

three items be included in a separate vote. But, she didn’t! When the LGBTQ community had an issue come before the Atlanta City Council that had a direct impact on their daily lives and those of their partners, Mary

Norwood walked out on them. That’s what she does; she walks out.

I noticed a comment to the note: “Mary ‘Walk Out’ Norwood.”  OUCH!

When I sent an email inquiring about the Atlanta Eagle Raid, Norwood responded promptly.  I never received an email from Kasim Reed or Lisa Borders.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to compliment Norwood’s response time once again— I sent her an email in regards to Orrock’s statement.

Let’s see what happens!


2 responses to “State Senator Orrock Calls Out Mary Norwood

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