Week 5: The Between Results

Beth, Dustin, and Dana were joined by guest judge Dara Wier for Week 5: The Between. Click here to revisit the Week 5 poems.


KATHI and KRISTEN, you both received a total of three votes from the judges; therefore, the two of you tie for the winning poem of Week 5: The Between.

MICAH and W.F., you are at the bottom this week. One of you received a vote from each of the weekly judges but not the guest judge. The other received a total of two votes. Which was which? Well, it doesn’t matter. I suggest both of you write furiously for Week 6. No one is going permanent caesura due to the early dismissal of Martin Ott.


2 responses to “Week 5: The Between Results

  1. It was a great poem. Giving up is not an option, especially when someone is challenging you to be at your best. 🙂

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