Project Verse: Catty Time!

The Elvis poem was trite and god awful – it was the winner, really?

So far this is a poetry competition of the insipid and uninspired. The judges should be ashamed of their fluffy comments!


Today, the first catty comment was left for the Project Verse judges. Feel free to read the poems from Week 1: Workshop 1101 and other comments left on the entry by clicking here. I am not surprised by a catty comment; however, I guess I was naive to think it wouldn’t happen the first week.

The problem I have with the comment is the person who wrote it didn’t have the brass balls or ovaries to leave his/her name. If you believe in your opinion, why not attach your name to it?

Mr. or Mrs. I’m Not Confident Enough To Back My Opinion With My Name, I hope you’ll leave your name with future comments.


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