Project Verse Competitors!

The inaugural Project Verse competitors are:

Andrew Clark-Kennedy
Jennifer Werner
Robert Walker
Nabina Das
Emily Van Duyne
Micah Ling
Kristen McHenry
Niina Pollari
Emari DiGiorgio
Martin Ott

Competitors: Project Verse begins on June 8, 2009. Expect an email by midnight tomorrow with all the juicy details.


3 responses to “Project Verse Competitors!

  1. What fun.

    First salvo below. Best of luck, competitors!

    Martin Ott


    What’s more real than a battle royale
    among poets to determine who can
    reverse the mysterious and profound?

    The cast began on cordial terms
    when the renga snaked through them,
    raining tail-feathers of eaglets.

    The departures were epic at least.
    The protest poet could not be
    contained by a Petrarchan sonnet.

    The limerick bit the new formalist
    where the sun shone, but rarely,
    whose ex-wife proclaimed, “Yeah

    Verily.” The guest judges eulogized
    each contestant and the recipe poem
    boiled the freshness from the beat,

    whose voice drove them all to libations
    after the video cameras stopped rolling.
    The five fingers of an elegiac quatrain

    punched the snot out of a mystic poet,
    who swore her stanzas came from dreams,
    and she could not understand the French.

    The judges sent her packing with an epitaph:
    “Here sat the dreaming eye, when it blinked
    was ever so blind, departure too kind.”

    The canto catastrophe was self-explanatory.
    And there were surprises: the university
    professor with haikus about his balls;

    the ezine editor won the madrigal
    with a comic rap about the castaway
    objects forming the nest of a dodo bird.

    In the end, the audience won, of course,
    or so proclaimed the advertisement
    in a sophomoric iambic pentameter.

    The last poet standing accepted the prize
    kneeling on a chair just to be contrary.
    Is it so absurd to believe that America

    would not gathering round the square
    to drink in the pleasure of its poets
    failing, falling, feeling, full of fierce?

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