Governor’s Proposed Budget

Fellow Georgians:

I know many of you are excited about the change happening in Washington; however, in our Obama excitement, we can’t forget about the change that is needed in Georgia. I hope you will keep your eyes on what is happening in the ’09 Georgia General Assembly, and I especially hope that you will keep an eye Governor Perdue.

Are you curious about the budget? If not, you should be. Click here for information regarding Perdue’s proposed budgets.

A few items from the Governor’s budget include:
1. Continued cuts to the QBE education formula that go to operate schools.
2. Elimination of 10 conservation rangers and 18 staffers at the Environmental Protection Division.
3. Cuts for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime labs and arson investigators at the Georgia Forestry Commission.
4. Reduction of case workers at the Child Protective Services Division.
5. Closing of four prisons.

*Thanks to Representative Benfield’s weekly updates for this information.*


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