Birthday Time = Fundraising Time


Another year older….
Since my 21st birthday, I have used my birthday as a way to benefit and raise awareness for an organization. I am happy to say previous organizations include Project Open Hand as well as Grass Roots Institute. This year I am proud to announce that I am trying to raise funds and awareness for Limp Wrist and our scholarship. Anyone wanting to show a little birthday love, feel free to make a tax deductible donation of $5 or more to Limp Wrist. Click here to donate.

If you donate you can win….
If you donate $5 or more between now and 2/28/09, you could win a number of autographed items. Some of the items include a limited broadside of a poem by Mark Doty, books by Sandra Beasley, Marilyn Nelson, Cecilia Woloch, and more.

Check out the items HERE. The breakdown:
1 Chance = $5
3 Chances = $10
5 Chances = $20
10 Chances = $45
A donation of $200 or more will allow you to pick three items.

Dolly “Dusty” Parton…..
If I raise $1,000 by 2/28/09, I am going to create a Youtube of me doing Dolly drag. Silence to the peanut gallery– even though I am crazy for Dolly, I don’t spend my weekends in Dolly drag. So shhhhh Chris, Sissy, and Maxton.


7 responses to “Birthday Time = Fundraising Time

  1. I will donate one of my small paintings and you can raffle it off if you like. I also have a large scale of a nude poet but it would cost me an arm to donate because of the shipping so a small portrait is what I can afford to donate to your cause if you are interested.

  2. Didi,

    WOW! Yes, I am very interested! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    I’ll send you an email.


  3. HI Dustin. I’ll see you in person in one-to-two more weeks(I’m still healing-up, after surgery, hon). And I’ll defitely put some $$ in for your “Limp Wrist”.

  4. Hi, there. I heard about your auction through Matthew Hittinger’s e-letter. Would you be interested in a signed copy of my novel THE HA-HA? It’s a not very gay book by a gay author, but if you’d like a copy for the raffle I’ll drop one in the mail. Reach me at

    All best,

  5. Dude, did I miss out on this–or is it still going on?


    Day-late-but-not-dollar-short Denise

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