Away.. Away

OK. I haven’t been in the blogosphere for a couple of reasons. Unfortunately, the main reason is because I am experiencing a nasty virus on my laptop. I’ve done everything the Best Buy Geek Squad would do; however, I have had no luck. The BBGS told me the next step would be to reformat my computer, but I am trying to ensure I have everything saved before doing reformatting. The second reason is because I am moving, and I loathe moving.

Good news– the poems are pouring out. I’m engaged in a writing exercise with a poet-friend, and it has very productive and fun. Because of the exercise I wrote three poems last week, and it looks like there will be another two to three this week. I’m excited to see what I end up once we’re done with this exercise.

OK… back to being a semi-recluse. Hopefully, I should be back in the blogging world fully within another week or two.


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