NARCISSUS ~ Cecilia Woloch

OK. I’m not usually one to say you must buy this or that; however, I have three items that I say are a must buy. I’ll share one of the three today, and you’ll have to read tomorrow to find out another.

The first item is Cecilia Woloch’s award-winning chapbook Narcissus. Four of the poems in Narcissus are published in Limp Wrist. I’m stoked that LW will receive a mention in Cecilia’s award-winning chapbook.

Cecilia is a beautiful person (inside and out) and a talented writer. I’ve participated in two workshops she’s lead, and I owe her huge credits for shaping one of my favorite poems that I’ve written– not to mention she turned me on to Kim Addonizio. I’ve heard her read numerous times, and she has never failed to amaze me. (Cecilia– I can’t wait to read your “vices poem” in print or in LW, if the Gods will smile on me!) I own all three of Cecilia’s full length books; each book makes me admire her intellect and craft in so many different ways.

She was gracious enough, even though she’s swamped, to participate in my WHY DO I WRITE series! !

So yes, you must buy Narcissus… click here!


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