Six Days Until Key West

I leave next week for the Key West Literary Seminar.

I owe a huge thank you to CK, Lisa, and Dr. G for writing lovely emails of recommendation to go along with my scholarship application.

Also, I owe a huge thanks to the peeps at the seminar for granting me the scholarship because I couldn’t attend without it. Special, special thanks to the director Miles.

Poetry, warm weather, and the beach for a week… what a combination! I am looking forward to my first visit to Key West.

Do the rules of Vegas apply to Key West. Does what in happen in Key West stay in Key West?


4 responses to “Six Days Until Key West

  1. Ummm…I’d say if you’re bangin’ poets in Key West you oughta keep your mouth shut. Or write a tell all poem about it later. 😉

    Have fun.

  2. CK,

    LOL… there is a better chance of Hillary getting the Republican nomination than me bangin’ poets or anyone in Key West. But I could write a poem about how my relationship seems to be shot to hell.

  3. Hi Dustin!!
    Have a great time in Key West…sorry you’re feelin’ blue.. perhaps things will feel better when you return.
    Chin up, carry on!

  4. Dustin, have a great time and please, please soak up some sun for me. I’d rather be in Key West than anywhere else right now.

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