Anne & Max and there is Toni

A poet I briefly met when she lived in Atlanta messaged me on Myspace. I had only heard her read once, and I loved what I heard. After a few Myspace emails, our messaging went something like this…

me: You know Anne [Sexton] and Maxine [Kumin] used to swap poems and critique each other. We should totally be Anne and Maxine.

her: So, you want to be Anne or Max?

me: Anne. I’m crazy enough, seriously.

Now, it has started, and it is exciting. I think this poetic relationship will be very beneficial.

OK…. CK the next time I see you, I’m going to smack you… because of your blog entry, I am addicted this:


2 responses to “Anne & Max and there is Toni

  1. Toni Collette is fucking amazing. Check YouTube for some of the other vids and live performances with her band. Glad I could introduce you.

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