Beth Gylys ~ May POTM

Due to some issues with Microsoft word I have been working on retyping my interview with Marilyn Nelson. The interview is still coming; do not think otherwise!

For the rest of May I am going to share the work of Beth Gylys. To compensate for my lack of posting her poems throughout the month I’m going to post a Gylys poem every morning and evening until May 31.


If only we were always beginning to love,
my trembling need, your hands warm
pressing my back, my sides, your lips
everywhere changing me. If only I
could it so, I’d hold you in that
pose of open tenderness, something
of your face as once desiring and content
as if what your eyes had strained to find
at last fell on the thing. If only I could
always feel so rightly placed, my body
lovely because you name it so, your fingers
making me willing, supple, graced.

~ Beth Gylys
from Spot in the Dark, Ohio State University Press (2004)


2 responses to “Beth Gylys ~ May POTM

  1. me too. you know, i bought you BODIES THAT HUM, and it is in the package I have been needing to mail to you (for forever!)

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