AJC Demonstration — Another Ellen Lindquist Email

Book lovers,

As many of you have already heard, in a disastrous move the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has eliminated its Book Page Editor position. The fate of the Sunday book page is hanging in the balance.

This Thursday, May 3rd at 10 a.m. in front of the AJC, please join me, members of the Atlanta Writers Club and others in a protest against the AJC’s misguided decision. We will be having a read-in, chalk-drawing, chanting and drumming demonstration to send the AJC our message: WE WANT OUR BOOK REVIEW SECTION BACK! NOW!!! Bring your whistles, drums, picket signs, a book to read aloud–and, most importantly, yourself!!

Please forward this message to your own email lists. And, if you haven’t already, sign the petition!

Ellen Lindquist

Contact Ellen for questions, concerns, or directions.


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