Pancakes Please, Hold the Discrimination

Paul called me at work yesterday and said, “You won’t believe it. Two lesbians were kicked out of IHOP for kissing.” Surprisingly, I was shocked; however, the shock lasted only for a moment. At times I find myself becoming too comfortable as a gay man, and I know it’s because I live in Atlanta where gays are everywhere with rainbows shooting out of their asses, and they and their rainbows can hold hands in Piedmont Park without worrying about seeming out place, without anyone telling them to leave the park. I think sometimes I forget there is still much progress to be made. The issue with IHOP is a reminder of how there is still work to be done.

Read the article in the Kansas City Star regarding this issue.

How would you feel if this happened to you? If it happened to someone you loved? Wouldn’t you want others to speak out against the discrimination? I urge you not to be silent regarding the IHOP issue. Tell everyone you know and ask them to spread the word.

THEN tell IHOP you’re outraged at this act of discrimination by clicking here to send IHOP an email, or write them a letter:
IHOP Corp. Restaurant Support Center
450 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203


5 responses to “Pancakes Please, Hold the Discrimination

  1. Kansas City must be another world. Our favorite IHOP in ATL features the gender enigma, lovely, fully out Frederica. As we ate there the other night, I watched to see the reactions of the common customers—they were unfazed, even charmed. We did note that his name tag said Frederick last time rather than Frederica as it had shown in the past. We did not inquire as to whether management had requested the name change or whether he was just feeling a bit boyish that day. Of course ATL still has a way to go, yet I am proud to be in a city where the bourgeois at least feigns acceptance.

  2. Dustin, Lisa Allender here….unf’nbelieveable–it always shocks me when I read items like this!
    I’m SO glad I live in an accepting city. Alpharetta my be a bit north of Atlanta, but it is a very INCLUSIVE city, and would not tolerate this kind of bigotry. SHAME ON KANSAS CITY!!

  3. Kel– Thanks for sharing the positive news about the IHOP in ATL on Ponce. I guess it is too much to ask for Kansas City to be that open. Hope you’ll pass this news along to your friends!

    Lisa– THANKS so much for sending an email to IHOP! I hope they’ll receive plenty of feedback on this issue.

  4. i’ve never been to an IHOP but i love me some mancakes, i mean pancakes.

    stories like this never surprise me. i was kicked out of an olive garden once simply for being at the same table with another man (who happened to be a Federal Agent). after we were escorted to the front he pulled out his badge. i can’t say what happened next.

  5. Ok… even though you had already said Fed Marsh., I still wasn’t expecting badge to follow “he pulled out his..”


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